“My family and I were planning a vacation to USA during there spring break and needed to find a good deal on a car rental. I had a feeling it would be pricey since it was a busy time to go on vacation. I went on Google and found ecorentacars.com had the cheapest rate and the best deal. The website was easy to navigate and hassle free. Eco Rent A Car  provided me with excellent service from start to finish. I’ve book marked ecorentacars.com to my favorites and will surely use them again in the future! Definitely a very good company! I highly recommend them. Keep up the good work!”

Jao from Mel,AustraliaLove it

photoСпасибо огромное за помощь Баду и Джессике, офис Eco rent a car, Adventurer hotel, Los Angeles, California. В мое самое первое путешествие в Америку я арендовала авто заранее еще в России через другую компанию,как мне показалось, в которой цены на уровень ниже,чем в других. Прибыв в Америку, забирая автомобиль, с меня взяли гораздо больше денег из-за того,что мне 22 года, учитывая тот факт,что я уже в России заплатила полный пакет за аренду авто.Я была очень огорчена.Потом приехав в Adventurer hotel, где я ночевала,я увидела офис Eco rent a car,куда решила зайти просто узнать прайслист.Там мне предложили за тот же самый автомобиль почти вдвое меньшую цену!!!Теперь, приезжая в Калифорнию, я всегда арендую авто только в Eco rent a car!Кстати, как постоянному клиенту,мне предлагают соблазнительную скидку,да еще бесплатно рассказывают, куда съездить, где сейчас скидки, в какой ресторан или клуб сходить! Спасибо Баду и Джессике!!!

Отличное впечатление:) Liza,RUSSIAN FEDERATION

“I chose Eco rent a car because we needed an inexpensive car rental when we visited los angeles for a wedding. It worked out great! we were pleased with their service and the car!”

Amati from Silver Spring, MDAmati

It was very easy to rent the car, in few moments everything was clear and, when picking up the car, the formalities went smoothly and in very short time.
The car was almost new, very good and clean, the personnel was immediately showing me whatever I need to know in order to drive well and safe – so in few minutes I was out, on the road, driving a very good and price convenient car

Jose Andres

I’m very thankful to Jessica and Bud for their help! In my 1st trip to USA I rented a car from another rental company where they asked from me huge price because of my age and expensive insurance (I’m 22 years old). When I came to Adventurer hotel where I stayed for my 1st night in LA I found that there’s a rental car office. I found out that I could have rented the similar car for much more cheaper price. Now whenever I visit California for my holidays, I rent only from Eco rent a car! And by the way, as a repeat customer, they always take care of me very well))))
Thanks again to Bud and Jessica!!!

Great Experience Liza,RUSSIAN FEDERATION

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