At the time of rental an additional driver must be at least 18 years of age, present a valid drivers license. For certain vehicles, 25 year old age restrictions might be in effect.There is a $10.00 charge daily for additional drivers for rentals beginning at this location.All additional drivers need to present at time of the rental.


The minimum age required to rent a car is 18 for regular cars. Regular means full size to smaller cars. You must be 21 or older to rent a 7 passenger suv/mini van, 15 pass van, cube truck and or specialty vehicle.You must be 25 or older to rent a luxury car. Check with the specific Car Rental office for details. Additional charges apply to all renters under 25. The rental charges differ for each location.


The following drivers licenses are accepted by Eco Car Rental in the United States:A license issued by any United States state, territory, or possession. A Canadian province, a country that participated in the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic or the 1943 Convention on the Regulation of Inter-American Automobile Traffic or has a reciprocal agreement with the United States.The Drivers license must be an original, be present at the time of pick up, and be in the name of the person who is picking up the car.


Eco car rental accepts all  major credit cards listed below. The credit card must be in the renters name. A minimum of $250.00 must be available on your credit card at the time that you pick up your car.If the rental fees exceeds more than the minimum deposit, we will charge what ever the greater amount to your credit card at the time.

However we accept bank issued master/visa debit check cards.A minimum of $350.00 security deposit plus total rental fees will be charged to your card at the time that you pick up the car.


Rentals must be cancelled 24 hours before pick up time. Last minute cancellations, non-cancellations or no show reservations will be charged the full amount of the rental.


Reservations are valid and honored for up to two hours after the requested pick up time or until the location’s regular closing time, whichever is earlier.  If the vehicle is not picked up within two hours of the requested pick up time your reservation status will be changed to a NO SHOW.  To avoid additional fees, please contact Eco Rent A Car by email or calling at +1 (310)677 7788 .


For Cash/Pre-paid cards rental requirements please call the office directly or email to


  •   Master
  •   Visa
  •   Discover
  •   Diners Club